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How A Car Breathalyzer Works

car breathalyzer cost

27 Jun 2019
A car breathalyzer costs less than most people can imagine. Car breathalyzers are different from home breathalyzers and portable breathalyzers. The car breathalyzer cost also varies. The ignition

Thinking of Driving After a few Drinks? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

interlock device

22 May 2019
When many people think about drinking and driving, they think of someone who is fall-down drunk getting behind the wheel of a car and putting others

Finding the Right Ignition Interlock Device

01 May 2019
Interlock devices decrease the arrest rate for impaired driving by almost 70% and that is why so many states are requiring their installation following a DUI.

Legislators and Advocacy Groups Pushing For More Ignition Interlock Usage

ignition interlock

05 Apr 2019
Drunk and impaired driving is a serious problem across the United States. In fact, it’s an epidemic. Sadly, every day in the U.S., another 28 people

Have Multiple DUI’s? See if Your State Allows for Ignition Interlock Devices

interlock device

02 Mar 2019
Perhaps one of the scariest things about drunk driving is that drivers will drive an average of 80 times under the influence before they’re even arrested.
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