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What You Should Know

Have you noticed that very few Ignition Interlock Companies talk about the car breathalyzer device they are leasing!! Are you curious as to why? IS THERE SOMETHING THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW? Do your home work & make an informed decision.

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Easy To Use

No other provider carries our Interlock Device in the state of Arizona. If you have to live with an Ignition Interlock Device make sure it is easy to use & reliable. No Humming, suck back mechanisms or juggling acts; bio-sensing technology allows you to just blow and go.

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Our goal is to help assure you that your Ignition interlock device remains functional so you are not stranded. Our Interlock device has proactive troubleshooting technology so we can be proactive not reactive.


Get The Best Without Embarrassment

QuickStart Ignition Interlock AZ is the premier provider for your Arizona Ignition Interlock Device. As Arizona’s exclusive INTERLOCKCUP PROVIDER, our clients can avoid the embarrassment of an interlock device.




2350 East Germann Road, Suite 36 Chandler, Arizona 85286
Phone No: 1.855.776.4040


16602 N. 23rd Ave, #101
Phoenix, Arizona 85023
Phone No: 1.855.776.4040


7305 E. Evans
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Phone No: 1.855.776.4040


3819 N Oracle Road
Tucson AZ 85705
Phone No: 1.855.776.4040


318 S. River Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone No: 1.855.776.4040


1201 North 54th Ave, Unit 104
Phoenix, AZ 85043
Phone No: 1.855.776.4040

East Tucson Location

4500 E. Speedway Blvd Suite #46
Tucson, Arizona 85712


QuickStart Team,

“Thank you so very much for your continued efforts to finally resolve the enclosed issue, now complete. Your efforts saved my career. I am grateful and appreciative.”

- Britt -

My name is Chris and I made a big mistake in my life getting a DUI. I went to quickstart for my interlock device because of all the places I called, the Tempe location had the best deal and were the nicest over the phone. For 15 months I had the device on my vehicle (error at MVD caused me to have to have it on for 3 additional months) and never once did anyone at Quickstart ever treat me like a loser, speak down to me, or give me any negative feelings. In fact Ruby and the team always helped with anything I needed and still gave great customer service in an industry where in all honesty, they didn’t have to. I am writing to say thanks to the team at the Tempe location for everything. For having to learn one of the toughest lessons to learn, I’m glad it was with Quickstart.

- Chris -

Quick start AZ has made my experience easy and stress free! Their friendly and professional staff have helped me through any questions or concerns with a positive attitude! I would recommend Quick start AZ to anyone having to choose an interlock company.

- LS -

I came up with a list of requirements when it came to the selection my device, since cost was pretty much the same. I wanted one that was small enough and easily detachable, I wanted one that was resistant to the Arizona heat, I wanted a company that was in Arizona and would be easy to deal with, and I wanted radio. The Monitech Quick start systems met all those requirements.

- Steve F -

I had my first interlock device removed after it had locked me out four times in one month with out having even “Failed “the test. The prior company didn’t even have a back up plan to come and help me as I was stranded and my children were locked out of our home. My new Quick Start has been amazing. I don’t even mind having it on my car because it’s so easy! 120 % recommend it to anyone who has to get an interlock!

- LSF -

I can testify that all Interlock equipment is NOT Alike! I had another companies’ ignition interlock device installed and had major problems, as it requires “humming and vibrations” before allowing car to start. Causing me and my vehicle to be stranded. With Quick Start, all you are required to do is “blow” into the device, making it so much easier to use.

- Suzi -