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The InterlockCup is distributed by Stealth Concepts LLC and is not owned or manufactured by QuickStart Ignition Interlock.  For instruction on its use please contact Stealth Concepts LLC or go to

While the InterlockCup adds a protective barrier between the Interlock device and the environment, Stealth Concepts LLC, the Master Distributor of the InterlockCup, does not guarantee the InterlockCup will protect the user’s Ignition Interlock device from damages. Scenes used in the videos contained in this website may not show the cord of the ignition interlock device. The QT-1 Ignition Interlock system, like all other ignition interlock systems in the United States, does have a cord which does have to be connected for use of the Ignition interlock system. Color schemes of the InterlockCup may vary from those depicted in the website.

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