Maryland Lawmakers Look to Expand the Use of Interlock Devices Beyond DUI Convictions

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04 Nov 2016
Earlier this month, Maryland lawmakers expanded the rules of ignition interlock devices, requiring even first-time offenders convicted of a DUI to have a car breathalyzer installed ....

Help! I Failed My Car Breathalyzer, But I Haven’t Been Drinking

04 Oct 2016
If you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, chances are you already know that it will prevent you from turning on the engine ....

Arizona #1 for DUI Enforcement, California Could Soon See Mandatory Interlock Devices for Repeat Offenders

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09 Sep 2016
A new bill that could require all DUI offenders to have ignition interlock devices (IID) installed on their vehicle has been sent to California governor Jerry ....

Tucson Bars Sued Over DUI-Related Deaths

02 Aug 2016
After spending the evening at two different bars on Tucson’s Fourth Avenue last year, 27-year-old Jesus Olea got behind the wheel of a car with a ....

Everything You Need to Know About Interlock Devices in Arizona

27 Jun 2016
Every state in the country has varying laws when it comes to the use of ignition interlock devices and car breathalyzers after a DUI conviction. There ....
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