3 Benefits of Installing an Ignition Interlock Device in Your Car

22 Jun 2020

Nothing good but regrets, deaths, financial losses, and the possibility of going to prison comes from driving under the influence (DUI). America is among the countries with many DUI offenders, with 28 people dying on American roads as a result of drunk driving. One of the most effective solutions to curb the rise of DUI is installing ignition interlock devices in motor vehicles.

Ignition interlock devices, also called in-car breathalyzers, are installed in your car and stops the car from starting if you fail the alcohol test. Once you have a car breathalyzer device installed in your car, it will prompt you to breathe into it before you ignite the car. This is done to measure the blood alcohol content (bac) in your body. If your alcohol levels are above the required level, the ignition interlock device will automatically stop your car from starting up. Therefore, you cannot drive your car until your blood alcohol content lowers. That means waiting until you sober up. What an effective way to prevent driving while drunk!

Ignition interlock devices have so far been successful in reducing the number of DUIs in North America, and many states are encouraging their use. Arizona is one of the states that require DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices. This condition applies to all DUI offenders in the state, even for first-time offenders. Ignition interlocks go a long way to reduce and prevent drunk driving and install sobriety on American roads.

For DUI offenders who have to install an ignition interlock device, they might wonder where to get the interlock device in Arizona. Luckily, there are several ignition interlock installers in the state, who install quality ignition interlock devices.

Here are the benefits of installing ignition interlock devices and why you should consider having one in your car.

1. Stops You From Drunk-Driving

If you have an alcohol addiction, you certainly should install an interlock device in your car. When you install the interlock device, your car will not let you drive until you’re sober as it will not start. Some regular DUI offenders may try to cheat by having someone sober breathe into the device. While that may start the car, there is a rolling retest after 15 minutes. If you fail the test, the device will record the BAC levels and notify the authorities. Consequently, you’ll be in danger of permanently losing your driving license.

When you breathe into the device and fail the test repeatedly, your car may honk and flash the headlights. This notifies other people that you’re having a challenge with your car. When people notice that you’re drunk, they will stop you from driving and let you sober up first. While this may be embarrassing, you will be grateful for having installed the interlock device, seeing how much danger it saved you from.

2. Helps You Manage Family, Friends, and Employees Prone to DUI

The fact is that DUI offenders are our friends, children, parents, brothers, and sisters. By large, most of them are responsible drivers when riding sober, but become dangerous while under the influence. As much as you would love to stop them from drunk driving, you cannot police them around the clock, but the ignition interlocker device will. Installing ignition interlocker devices in their cars will not only spare them legal trouble but also save their lives.

3. Ignition Interlock Devices Are Affordable

Many ignition interlock companies will install the device in your car at an affordable price. Additionally, you can choose to renew the ignition interlocker device after your mandatory period of usage is over. There are many ignition interlocker installers in Arizona, so it should be easy to find a reliable one.

Nothing helps curb DUI offenders more than ignition interlock devices. When the car does not start because you are drunk, chances are you also too drunk to cheat the ignition interlocker device. Additionally, only an irresponsible person will help you cheat the car breathalyzer. As such, interlock devices will definitely stop you from registering another DUI offense.

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