What Are the Dangers of Drinking and Driving?

23 Oct 2019

Drunk driving not only puts you in danger, it puts the lives of other pedestrians and drivers in danger. Drinking is not an offense by itself if you’re of legal age, but you should not go further and get behind the wheel. In the United States, car breathalyzer limits 0.08 percent alcohol on the people who want to drive. Beyond that, a car breathalyzer device should activate ignition interlock and prevent you from driving. Here are some of the top dangers that you expose yourself to if you choose to break the law and drink and drive.

Blurry or Impaired Vision

You need to see what is on the road and what you are doing to avoid hitting other road users. However, drinking will likely cause your vision to blur. You will end up not seeing clearly, which means you won’t know what is happening on the road. Vision impairment may also cause poor judgment when estimating the distance between cars. You might end up hitting other cars from behind or even failing to perform regular traffic maneuvers while you’re intoxicated.

Potential Road Accidents

If your car does not have an interlock, you might end up driving after drinking beyond legal limits. The fact that you have impaired vision and you cannot control your car may lead to serious road accidents. Studies show that more than 30% of road accidents in the United States are alcohol-related. Statistics continue to indicate that the annual cost of alcohol-related accidents exceeds $59 billion. Therefore, you should make sure that you get an interlock cup for sale and avoid potential road accidents.

Slowed Reaction Time

Quick reaction time is an important aspect of avoiding collisions and serious accidents. However, drinking interferes with your ability to react in a timely manner. Responding to stimuli becomes slowed, and before you know it, you’ve either collided with another car or you’ve hit an unmoving object.

Lack of Coordination

Your body needs to coordinate in totality so that you can move your car from one place to the other. Drinking alcohol affects that necessary coordination and could lead to a total lack of coordination. Lack of body coordination can lead to serious road accidents.

Legal Ramifications

Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law, but drunk driving is a violation of the law. If traffic police on patrol suspect impaired driving, you will be pulled over and forced to undertake some breathalyzer tests. If the test confirms that you have exceeded the legal alcohol levels, you might spend the night in jail, lose your license, and pay some serious fines.

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