Essential Facts About Ignition Interlock Devices

25 Jul 2019

car breathalyzerThe ignition interlock device (IID) is an excellent trap for drivers who like to drive while drunk. The IID is a car breathalyzer device usually inbuilt and needs an alcohol-free breath for the vehicle to start. This came about as a punishment and a way to control repeat drunk driving offenders.

These devices have been quite effective, as well. In fact, interlocks have immensely reduced arrest cases of impaired driving by about 70%. Once a person is convicted of drunk driving, they are required to install a car breathalyzer in their vehicle.

As much as a person may be unable to change their conviction, the IID will help them overcome it right from the beginning. Read on to learn more about ignition interlock devices.

How do car breathalyzers work?

An ignition interlock prevents a driver from driving while under the influence of alcohol. The device has a set level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and won’t allow a driver to turn on their vehicle if that limit is blown. If the car breathalyzer detects any alcohol in your breath, it locks the vehicle for about 5 to 30 minutes. After the lock time elapses, you can perform the test once more, and if it fails, the car gets locked for a much longer time.

In some cases, state officials may ask you to blow into the device when it is moving to ascertain you are free of alcohol. If you fail this test, your alarm will sound until you move to a safe place and turn off your engine. You will then have to re-test the vehicle before starting.

Here are some important facts you should know about IIDs:

    1. Are car breathalizers legal?

Yes, they are. Why? It is because the constitution states that you should not drive a vehicle when drunk, and thus, state agencies try to regulate and prevent drunk driving.

    1. First-time DUI offenders should have ignition Locks

The National Transport and Safety Board has been pushing hard for first-time DUI offenders to have ignition interlock devices. This was as a result of the high number of accidents related to drunk driving. For instance, in the U.S, 33 states require that all offenders must install a car breathalyzer as a step to reinstate a suspended or revoked license. The other states have IID laws in place that govern the convictions.

    1. Strict interlock laws have significantly reduced accidents and deaths

Over time, studies have shown that most accidents and roadway fatalities are as a result of drunk driving. Further research suggests that since these ignition interlock devices gained popularity, the deaths have decreased by almost 70%. All thanks to these human-made lifesavers.

    1. What are the car breathalyzer prices

Ignition interlock devices are not free. Before getting one, you have to pay ignition interlock installation fee, calibrating both fees and insurance for the device.

Can you install an ignition interlock device by yourself?

Some people are highly skilled in vehicle maintenance and would prefer to buy and install IIDs themselves. However, it is advisable you get it done by a state-certified installer in order to comply with state legalities.

Additionally, professional installers who clearly understand your vehicle’s wiring and components know how to manipulate it to work well. They ensure that your car doesn’t incur damages during installation. They will also teach you how to use this device correctly and can solve any ignition interlock problem.

The devices are different in various states, but you should get a device that is approved and meets specific standards as per your location. Give QuickStart Ignition Interlock a call right away to learn more!

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