How A Car Breathalyzer Works

27 Jun 2019

car breathalyzer costA car breathalyzer costs less than most people can imagine. Car breathalyzers are different from home breathalyzers and portable breathalyzers. The car breathalyzer cost also varies. The ignition interlock is a car breathalyzer installed on to the vehicle’s ignition system which is meant to stop a driver who has been drinking alcohol from starting a car. The device is important for keeping the roads safe and gives drivers a chance to recover and get to their destination safely.

How Does a Car Breathalyzer Device Work?

It works by preventing the vehicle from starting if it senses alcohol coming from the breath of the driver. The breathalyzer is made up of a detachable mouthpiece, a handheld unit, and a relay cord connected to the vehicle’s ignition system. Many people shun this device, but the car breathalyzer cost is so small that having it in your car will not dent your pocket.

The system works by bypassing the vehicle’s ignition. An ignition interlock is roughly the size of a handheld breathalyzer with a cable fixed below the dashboard. If the system detects you are drunk, you must use the breathalyzer before you can even attempt to start your vehicle.

When Do You Need An Ignition Interlock Device In Your Car?

There are certain times when your car must have a car breathalyzer installed. You must have the device when:

  1. Obtaining Restricted Driving Privilege – Alcohol
  2. Obtaining Restricted Driving Privilege – Points
  3. Obtaining a Limited Driving Privilege
  4. Having your driving privilege reinstated

When you are driving your vehicle, the device will request you to submit a randomized breath sample. If the device detects that your breath level is above the allowed levels, it sounds an alarm. It can also flash the lights and sound the horn until you switch off the car.

As a safety measure, the interlock device cannot turn off your car even if your alcohol level is above the set limit as long as you are driving. Some car breathalyzers notify law enforcement officers about your alcohol levels.

Additional Info

Car breathalyzer cost is very minimal, but it is a worthy investment. Vehicle breathalyzers have specific ways of blowing, humming, or inhaling. The specific method of submitting the breadth sample depends on which state you are in and the specific interlock device you are using. Depending on the state you are in, if the alcohol level is below the set limit, the vehicle will start, but it is above the limit, it will not start until you submit a sample that is below the set limit.

The device works as long as you provide the correct amount of air and a proper ID. A rolling test is not the best way to find out about your alcohol status.

A breathalyzer is a crucial gadget for ensuring roadway safety — if you want to learn more about these helpful devices, give QuickStart Ignition InterLock a call right away.

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