Thinking of Driving After a few Drinks? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

22 May 2019

interlock deviceWhen many people think about drinking and driving, they think of someone who is fall-down drunk getting behind the wheel of a car and putting others at risk. While this is sometimes the case, often times the people have only had a few drinks and feel that they are safe to drive.

The fact is that even a small amount of alcohol can put you and others in harm’s way. Learn more below about what you could face if charged with a DUI.

Legal Charges

Getting a DUI is a costly and serious offense, and many states can arrest someone for a DUI even if their blood alcohol content is below .08. Many people charged with one or more DUIs find themselves without a license, making them unable to get to work, family events, and more, and there will be a stack of legal fees to face, as well.

Big Expenses

Along with legal expenses, there will be towing and impound charges, as well as repairs costs associated with automotive damages. Crashes that have to do with alcohol-related incidents average costs of more than $59 billion dollars every single year.

Combine that with your court fines, attorney fees, jail fees, probation-related costs, charges for alternative transportation, and more, and you are looking at a lot of debt. Before getting into your vehicle after a night of drinking ask yourself if it is really worth it. The answer is always no.

Potential Injury or Death

Finally, consider the impact that drinking and driving have on others around you. Every single day, close to 30 people in the country die because of a drunk driving accident. Countless others are injured. These are deaths and hospital visits that are totally preventable and easily avoided by simply calling a cab, friend, or an Uber.

Along with this, those that are involved in fatal drunk driving accidents are sure to receive harsher punishments and more jail time.

The Right Solution For You

If you have already been charged with one or multiple DUIs, there are solutions out there to help you get your life back on track. Many struggle to find ways to get to work or school, which can make it difficult to move forward and reach a better life situation. One option may be to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle.

Many states are allowing DUI offenders to drive again as long as they have an interlock device put into their car. In fact, there are approximately 150,000 of these systems in cars all throughout the United States.

How do they work? The ignition interlock in your car will be set up to prohibit driving if it reads alcohol on your breath. Most are set up to prevent the engine from starting up if levels are anywhere above a .02 BAC. Along with this, many will prompt you to retest later on down the road to ensure drivers do not start to drink after their vehicle has started.

An ignition interlock device can provide benefits for countless people who have had a DUI, and they are good for public wellbeing, too. They keep drunk drivers off the roads, and they even help to reduce repeat offenses down the line, even after having the system removed from the vehicle.

We’re Here to Help

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