4 Tips to Help Your Teen Drive Safer Every Time They Get Behind the Wheel

28 Sep 2018

interlock cupKids grow up fast, and you’re witnessing that right in front of your eyes. Your young children are now teenagers and old enough to drive. While that may be a scary thought, there are some ways you as a parent can help keep them safe every time they get behind the wheel.

Ignition interlock device and interlock cup

Unfortunately, drinking and driving is a serious offense that can affect so many people, and you don’t want your teen to go through that. For that reason, you should install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Once installed, the interlocks are associated with a 70% reduction in arrest rates for impaired driving. The device will not allow your teen to start and drive the car if they have consumed alcohol. Plus, you can get them an interlock cup to hide the device so they don’t have to be embarrassed in front of their friends.

Keep cell phones off

Your teen is probably already glued to their cell phone, and you don’t want that to be an issue in the car. Multiple studies show that using a phone well driving is equivalent to drunk driving. Encourage your teen to keep their phone off while driving and set a good example by doing so yourself.

Limit the number of passengers in the car

The number of passengers in a car is directly related to the risk of having a car accident. Many states’ Graduated Driver Licensing laws limit the number of passengers allowed in an inexperienced driver’s car, but you can make your own rule if your state doesn’t.

Choose a safe car

Finally, you’ll want to get a car that’s incredibly safe for your teen to be driving. If possible, get a vehicle with the latest safety equipment like anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and air bags. You should also be looking for vehicles that have excellent crash safety records in the event that your teen might be involved in even a minor car crash.

You might be scared of your teen getting behind the wheel, but you can have at least some power to help keep them safe. Try out these tips and feel some relief when your teen in on the road.

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