Discreet Breathalyzers are Here, and They Can Drastically Improve Your Post-DUI Driving Experience

31 Mar 2016

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Your life will change in several ways after being charged with a DUI, and you’ll likely be forced to install a car breathalyzer in your vehicle as part of your punishment. While these devices used to be clunky, obvious, and unpredictable, DUI offenders now have the option to invest in discreet breathalyzers to preserve a sense of normalcy in their lives.

With discreet breathalyzers, you can give you friends and coworkers a ride without having to feel shameful of your ignition interlock device. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes in the U.S. totals more than $59 billion, so these discreet breathalyzers are a wise investment for all, particularly DUI offenders.

This may be a difficult time in your life, but investing in the right type of car breathalyzer will make things just a bit easier for you. Here is a quick overview of ignition interlock devices, and why you should find a discreet breathalyzer for your vehicle:

  • What is an ignition interlock device?
    Ignition interlocks are devices that prohibit a car’s engine from starting if your blood alcohol content (BAC) registers above a pre-set level, which is typically around 0.02 BAC. While blowing into an interlock device may seem like a pain at first, it can save you hefty fines, jail time, and even your life. In fact, interlocks are associated with about a 70% reduction in arrest rates for DUIs.
  • Pros and cons of traditional interlock devices
    A lapse in self-control is the main factor in most DUIs, and ignition interlock devices provide you with a unique sense of comfort in knowing that you will not make a bad decision that day. However, there are certainly differences between interlock devices that you should be aware of. For example, you need to find a high-quality car breathalyzer to avoid being stuck on the side of the road. Since you need to blow into your device periodically, you need an interlock that will not register a “false-positive,” stranding you on the shoulder while you wait for help.
  • Benefits of discreet breathalyzers
    The best discreet breathalyzers will be dependable, sleek, and invisible to the naked eye. One of the best examples of these devices is an interlock cup. Interlock cups for sale are shaped just like a water bottle, so people will simply think you’re staying hydrated when you go to start your car.

Several aspects of your life will change after a DUI, but your ability to drive in peace and comfort should not be one of those things. Invest in a discreet breathalyzer and continue living a confident life.

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