3 Shocking Facts About DUIs and Car Breathalyzers in America

09 Feb 2016

Getting charged with a DUI can be a harrowing experience, but for some people, it can result in an epiphany that can change their lives forever. The truth is, your DUI does not define you as a person, and you are being given a second chance to prove this.

If the courts have ordered you to install an ignition interlock device in your car, you should know that car breathalyzers have advanced by leaps and bounds in the past several years. Discreet breathalyzers are now available that enable you to meet the demands of the courts without being embarrassed or sacrificing your driving freedom. Your car breathalyzer will help you avoid tragic car crashes, fines, and even jail time.

That’s not the only thing you might know, either. Here are three shocking facts about DUIs and car breathalyzers that may change how you view your situation:

  • Every day, 28 Americans die as a result of drunk driving
    Many people think they understand how pervasive drunk driving is, but it doesn’t really hit home until you personally know someone who was affected by this crime. If you’ve been pulled over for a DUI, you should be thankful you avoided more severe circumstances.
  • There are already 150,000 interlock systems in U.S. cars
    There is absolutely no shame in having an interlock device in your car. In fact, discreet breathalyzers make it impossible for anyone to even know you have one. Interlock cups look exactly like standard water bottles, and it will look as if you are merely taking a sip of water when blowing into a breathalyzer to start your car.
  • Interlock devices reduce DUI arrests by about 70%
    If you still question how your interlock device will help you avoid future issues, consider how much they are helping people just like you. Car breathalyzers have reduced DUI arrests by a whopping 70%, and have helped to save even more lives.

Like many other goods and services, technology has been very kind to the interlock device industry. Now, you can obtain a discreet car breathalyzer and stay in accordance with the courts while you continue to rebuild your life. Invest in a discreet breathalyzer and conquer this unfortunate situation on your own terms.

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