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Here’s How an Ignition Interlock Device Could End Up Saving Your Life

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07 Oct 2015
Everybody makes mistakes, but unfortunately, a DUI is one of the hardest mistakes to undo. If you do have a prior DUI conviction, you may have

Answering the 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ignition Interlock Devices

27 Aug 2015
Occurrences of drunk driving have declined dramatically in past decades, but it’s still a major concern: Each day, 28 people in the country die as the

Do’s and Don’ts of an Arizona DUI Stop

12 Nov 2013
Once you have been pulled over, you must keep in mind that you have not been placed under arrest. Here are important details to keep

Earning Your Life Back Through Your Ignition Interlock Device

12 Oct 2013
IID's have given DUI offenders a chance to earn back the right to drive while keeping their community safe from preventable deaths.

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