Why You Shouldn’t Drink And Drive

02 Jan 2019

drinkingIt’s fairly common knowledge that drinking and driving can be incredibly dangerous, but not everyone understands the full risks or consequences of driving under the influence. Drinking and driving, and subsequently getting a DUI, can hurt you, anyone else involved, and even your potential future freedoms.

Driving risks

The more alcohol a person drinks, the riskier their driving is, and the more likely it is that getting behind the wheel will cause a fatal accident. Every day in America, another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving; this includes the drunk driver, other drivers involved in the accident, and pedestrians who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fatal accidents happen alarmingly frequently in the United States, and drinking just contributes to the problem.

Harm to others

Even when an accident is not fatal, a drunk driving accident can cause problems for many people. Damage to vehicles is not cheap to repair and can place people in difficult financial situations without reliable transportation. That means you, or other drivers who were involved in the accident, may struggle with getting to work, school, or other important parts of daily life.

Additionally, there’s the psychological impact of being in a drunk driving accident to consider; it can be a terrifying experience with implications that last far beyond the accident itself. Anxiety about driving after a drunk driving accident can keep people from living life the way they used to before the accident.

Loss of freedoms

When you end up getting a DUI, you’re likely to lose a lot of your own personal freedoms as well. Your driving privileges may be restricted as a result of driving while intoxicated, meaning you won’t have access to many of the things you may currently take for granted. While an ignition interlock device might allow you to get back on the road with a restricted license, the best way to ensure you keep your driving privileges is to not drive drunk in the first place.

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