FAQ About Ignition Interlock Devices

24 Oct 2018

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If you’ve recently gotten the ignition interlock device Arizona requires you to install after certain DUI offenses, you likely have several questions. How do I install my device? What do I do if it breaks? What requirements do I need to meet and follow while using my interlock device? Using an interlock device can raise many questions, but they’re usually fairly simple to answer. Read on to learn more about interlock devices.

How Do I Install An Interlock Device?

To have your interlock device installed, you’ll need to contact an authorized company. Look online to find where you can have your device installed near you, and make sure that they are properly certified to do so.

My Device Broke, Now What?

Depending on what the problem seems to be, your device might not actually be broken. If you are concerned about the frequency with which it is prompting you for tests, don’t worry, it’s almost certainly fine. Most interlock devices will prompt for a rolling retest every five to fifteen minutes.

However, if your device stops prompting for tests, does not seem to register your results, or does not start your engine when it should, you’ll need to schedule maintenance. Typically devices will need professional maintenance every three months or so, but if something seems wrong, it’s not a bad idea to schedule it sooner.

How Long Will I Need An Interlock Device?

The time that you will need to use an interlock device will vary depending on your situation. All interlock devices will need to be installed for a minimum of one year, but the exact length of time will be determined based on your DUI offenses. If you think you’re eligible to have your interlock device removed, contact the Arizona Department of Transportation to confirm. From there, you will be given instructions on how to have the device removed.

Looking for the best interlock device Arizona has to offer? Contact QuickStart for some of the most reliable and affordable interlock devices in Arizona. All Quickstart ignition interlock devices are certified by the Arizona Department of Transportation, so you can be sure that your device is licensed by the state.

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