3 Alternatives to Drinking While Driving This Holiday Season

14 Dec 2017

drinkingIt’s the holiday season, which means it’s also time for all those holiday parties. Of course, holiday parties can be fun. They involve a lot of great food, great company, and many of them even include alcohol (shocking, we know).

Sure, socially drinking those delicious holiday-themed cocktails with your family and friends seems like a good time. But, what happens after you’re done with the party and need to go home? You could take the risk and get behind the wheel, potentially causing harm to yourself or others, or you could go with a safer alternative. There are so many alternatives out there, so let’s take a look at a few.

Designated Driver

Probably the most common alternative is to have a designated driver for the night you’re going to be out drinking. In fact, if you’re feeling the Spirit of Christmas, you can even volunteer to be the designated driver yourself. This person will abstain from drinking, or only have one the entire night, to ensure that you and everyone else gets home safely. However, it’s important to be sure that even if you have a designated driver, you shouldn’t try to distract them as they’re making their way to the next location. Screaming at them and touching them can be extremely distracting, and if they get distracted, even if they are sober, there’s a chance a crash could occur.

Cabs Are Here!

If you can’t find yourself a designated driver, call someone who gets paid to soberly drive drunk people around for a living. Reach out to your local cab company or ride-sharing service for a ride home after you’re done with the party. Yes, it may cost you a few dollars, but taking a risk and driving yourself when you shouldn’t will most likely end up costing you way more than just those few dollars.

Stay the Night

If neither of the above options is a good choice for you, stay the night wherever you are. If you are at a house party, ask the homeowner if you can sleep on their floor or couch. If you are at a bar, walk to a nearby friend’s house and worry about your car in the morning.

Drinking and driving not only puts you at risk for getting hurt and hurting others, but it also puts you at risk of being charged with DWI. If you get charged with DWI, there’s a chance you will have to have an interlock device installed into your vehicle. Ignition interlocks help reduce repeat offenses even after the device is removed by 39%. This is compared to offenders who never installed an interlock. By the way, it will cost you a few dollars for interlock installation, so keep that in mind when calculating the true cost of drunk driving.

Instead of drinking and driving during the holiday party season, take a look at the few alternatives listed above. Stay safe, and keep others on the road with you safe as well.

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